Business Experience

Over more than 25years, we gathered broad management experience in all aspects and systems of the automotive supply chain and many other industries. During the first 12years, we held job’s in Purchasing, R&D, Sales and General Management at several automotive interior systems suppliers.

This international experience made us look at things from a very open and innovative standpoint.

since 2004, Worldklaas has used this know-how to act as FACILITATOR &  Business Development partner for many Projects and Companies.


Based on our extensive experience in the automotive interior trim and technical textiles industries, our initial activities were mainly  focusing to the Automotive O.E.M. and Tier 1-2-3 industry.

Since 2008 projects & business ventures in many other markets have been added. Building monument restoration with Laser technology, successful sales trading activities between Asia & Europe,  business development for smart textiles & textile related wearables and many other activities.

Experience has proven that our “automotive way of working” can be transferred very effectively in other industries too (Tech Textiles, Building Industry, Industrial vehicles, Plastics,…)

How do we proceed?

We mainly work as operational consultant.
In some cases, we also act as business development  or sales agent.
We assist our customers, by helping them actively to find new contacts, and to make them understand the specific market requirements which are less known to them.
We work closely with sales, Engineering or purchasing departments.
Communication: open - direct – multi cultural – multi lingual:

Daily contacts with companies from all over the world, and fluent communication in multiple languages, for more than 25 years,  have proven to be a driving factor to turn business opportunities into successful ventures.