What do we do?

  • Act as  Facilitator :  finding solutions or answers where common systems & procedures do not provide clear answers.
  • Transfer technology: We introduce your products and technologies  into markets where you have never presented them successfully
  • Business development: We help to facilitate new business ventures; as sales consultant or as sales agent
  • We help to integrate new technological solutions into existing markets.  This leads to improved-cost solutions
  • “Market-fit”  technical innovations
  • Market Analysis

Based on our experience, we

“look at business situations differently”

It is a normal economical phenomenon that companies with a strong technical experience, are only looking at their historical markets, to sell their products.
In a lot of cases, the same technology or similar products can also be sold into new or less evident markets.
We help you to find these new niches,… to open these new doors.

 “bring companies together and find technical solutions”

Companies with a very strong  technology base do not realize enough that they have grown into a narrow market segment over the years, where they are trying to sell their products.  They have built a sales and marketing organisation which is only focusing on the same customer base which they have been selling to since many years.
For such companies, new market opportunies can bring new business.

“bring business cultures together”

Many companies (or managers) have known each other for many years, without realizing how to do business together.
We help to find such opportunities, and make a profitable business out of it.